Jun 21 2012

Mushroom Thyme Gravy over Butternut Squash Almond Biscuits

Mushroom Gravy over Butternut Squash Bisquit

Mushrooms are probably my favorite food. Well, to be completely honest I have lots of favorite foods — but, if you add mushrooms to any thing, it makes them even better! 

While making this Mushroom Thyme Gravy to pair with Butternut Squash Almond Biscuits, I didn't realize I was creating something so voluptuous. This wasn't an ordinary dinner at home, but an elevated, fancy dinner that was worthy of a evening out at a fine dining restaurant wearing a dress and pearls. Although there wasn't much "date" talk going on at the table — only the repeating "yumms" "oooohs" and "aaaahs" bouncing back and forth across the table after each bite — it felt like an indulgent date night that my husband and I get so rarely these days with a 6-year-old companion. Our 13th wedding anniversary is coming up in a few weeks and I was pondering ideas.  I think this meal is a definite must for the celebration. It may not be the traditional Lace, or modern Textile gifts that they say are ideal gifts for the 13th year — but it's definitely a delightful way to show my husband how much I adore him.


  • 1-1/2 cups cannellini beans
  • 3 cups vegetable stock
  • 2 lemons, juice only
  • 3 tbsp soy sauce (gluten free)
  • 2 tbsp almond butter
  • 4 tbsp olive oil
  • 10 cups cremini mushrooms (or your favorite kind), sliced
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • 6 sprigs thyme, leaves pulled and chopped, plus extra sprigs for garnish

Note: This gravy goes wonderfully over Butternut Squash and Almond Biscuits.


Step 1: Using a blender, puree the cannellini beans, vegetable stock, lemon juice, soy sauce and almond butter. Set aside.

Step 2: In batches, saute the mushrooms with olive oil over medium heat with the thyme and a pinch of salt sprinkled over them as they cook.

Step 3: Once you have sauteed all the mushrooms, return all batches to the pan and add the bean/stock mixture. Stir together over medium-low heat to incorporate and heat fully. Salt and pepper to taste.

Step 4: Ladle the mushroom gravy over a Butternut Squash and Almond Biscuit then garnish with crushed black pepper and thyme sprigs.

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